Channa Roasted Organic

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Shandy Organic Roasted Channa is 100% natural. It is roasted in such a way that all the nutrients are retained. No chemicals or harmful fertilizers are used in its cultivation. Channa called as bengal gram or chole in hindi, Pottukadalai in Tamil, Putnalupappu in Telugu and Varutha Kadala in Malayalam. Organic roasted channa is used in the preparation of many healthy dishes like channa masala, masala sundal, chutneys, etc

Did you know

Organic Roasted Channa is a great source of protein, minerals, fibre and fatty acids that promote overall good health. It is very low in calories and is one of the healthiest snacks. It helps in weight loss, boost immunity and energy. Channa is also known to control blood sugar and blood pressure levels, regulate women's hormonal levels.

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