Paneer Making

Fresh cow’s milk is available at The Shandy on all days. This is milk from traditional Indian breed of cows, also called A2 milk. These are free grazing animals, grass fed and well taken care. They live in Organic farms, and their feed is also organic. The milk is from native breeds like Gir, Sahiwal, Tarparkar & Rathi. The milk that is sold at The Shandy is wholesome, with nothing removed or added. This is original cow’s milk as nature intended it to be.

From this fresh milk, we make fresh paneer at The Shandy’s kitchen. Only fresh, wholesome milk is used to make paneer of outstanding quality. We do not use vinegar, citric acid or other chemical agents in the splitting of milk to make paneer. Also, unlike the commercially available paneer in the market we do not use any additives or filler material. Our yields are a little lower but like all other products at The Shandy, the paneer is very healthy, tasty and sells very fast. The Paneer is made by our trained staff under hygienic conditions. They are hand cut and come in different shapes & sizes. The cooking gas used to make the paneer is from our Biogas plant which is fed with vegetable & fruit waste from our farmers market.

This paneer will last for 4 or 5 days, under proper refrigerated conditions. Since no preservatives are added it is bound to get spoilt after this… truly natural!!!