Biogas Plant

Our waste is not wasted!

At The Shandy, we have invested in a Bio digester plant to help us deal with the waste generated at our farmers market. Tons of fruits and vegetables are sold at The Shandy every week and in the process some waste is generated. To do our bit as responsible citizens and to not burden the City Corporation with our waste we have installed this specially designed Bio gas plant.

Our vegetable waste is fed into this bio digestor and well decomposed here. As a by product we get cooking gas from the bio digester. This cooking gas is used in our kitchen to make fresh paneer, to dry roast some of the ingredients for our in-house mixes & podis. We also feed the digester some of the whey water that we get from making paneer.

The residual liquid that flows out as seen in the pic is a well digested and highly nutritive tonic for plants. We collect this liquid and take it back to our farm for use in agriculture. Nothing wasted !!!