Toor Dal (Hand Pounded)

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Shandy’s organic red toor dal, 100% naturally grown; chemical free; hand pounded, natural colour is retained, part of every staple Indian diet. Organic Red Toor dal is also called as broken pigeon pea, arhar ki dal in hindi, thoram paruppu in tamil, kandhi pappu in telugu. Organic Red toor dal is popularly used in Indian kitchens for the preparation of sambar, vada, sabji, gravy etc

Did you know

Toor dal is rich in Carbohydrate, protein, fiber fats and folic acid which is essential for the body. Organic Toor Dal also helps regulate bowel movements due to the presence of complex dietary fibre. Toor Dal is also cholesterol free and is very good in curing cough, gastric troubles, stomach pain and poisoning effects.

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