Channa dal

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Shandy’s organic channa dal also known as split bengal gms is 100% naturally grown, without the use of any chemical fertilizers or pesticides. Organic Channa dal is called as pacha sanaga pappu in Telugu, kadalaiparuppu in Tamil, chanaychi dal in Marathi, kadale kalu in Kannada and kadala parippu in Malayalam. Organic Channa dal is used to make a variety of dishes like dal makhani, masala vada, pancake, halwa, pulav etc

Did you know

Channa dal rich in fibre, zinc, calcium, protein and folate;It is easily digestible, good for diabetic patients due to its low hypoglycemic index. Its high fibre content aids weight loss. Organic Channa dal is a great source of energy due to its manganese content, controls blood pressure, prevents anaemia, balances hormonal levels in women and is known to lower cholesterol

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