Ponni Organic Rice – Raw

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Organic Ponni rice, developed by TNAU Coimbatore in 1986, a much sought after variety within Tamilnadu for its texture and taste. Cultivated and harvested naturally without the the use of any chemicals or harmful fertilizers, Organic Ponni raw rice is nutrient rich. Ponni raw rice is called as pachai arisi in Tamil, pachi biyyam in Telugu, pacha arisi in Malayalam, arwa chawal in Hindi, akki in Kannada, siddha chowl in Bengali.

Did you know

The name Ponni is derived from the River Cauvery, which is also called Ponni in Tamil. Boiled Ponni rice is rich in starch and is said to help in the increased consumption of iron and copper which is essential for a healthy metabolism. It helps in digestion and is low on fibre content. It is gluten-free, fat-free.

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