Sona Masoori Raw Rice – Hand Pounded

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Hand pounded rice is 100% organic, processed naturally with all its nutrients and freshness kept intact, and is very healthy. The Organic Hand Pounded Rice is processed manually to retain maximum nutrients and fiber.  It is also called as kaikuthal arisi in Tamil, bhurra chawal in Hindi, dampadu biyyam in Telugu and kandu akki in Kannada. It is used to make dishes like biriyani, pulav, snacks, pongal and other breakfast items.

Did you know

Hand Pounded rice is abundant in vitamins and minerals which are important in the functioning and metabolic activity of all organs. It is a great source of energy and has zero fat and cholesterol. Its low sodium content acts as a superfood for those suffering from hypertension and high blood pressure. It is gluten-free, fat-free.

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