Wheat Daliya

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Organic Wheat Dalia is 100% natural, organically produced without the use of any harmful pesticides or fertilizers and is chemical-free. It is called as Dalia in Hindi, lapsi/godhumai ravai in Tami, gothumbu nurukku/ gothumbu ari in Malayalam, danchina godhumulu/ godhuma rava in Telugu, kuttida godhi/ godi rave in Kannada and banga gom in Bengali. It is used in making tasty recipes like kichidi, upma, pancake, dessert, porridge etc

Did you know

Organic Wheat Dalia is rich in manganese, copper, iron, zinc and other essential nutrients. Organic Wheat Dalia is useful for a healthy metabolism, lose weight, reduce the risk of breast cancer, asthma etc. Proven remedy for constipation. Organic Wheat Dalia is high in proteins and low on calories. Organic Wheat Dalia aids digestion and facilitates faster elimination of waste and toxins from body.

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