Cinnamon Powder

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Shandy’s organic cinnamon powder is ground naturally under hygienic conditions and is 100% pure and unadulterated. It is a strong, aromatic and flavourful ingredient which instantly enhances the dish to which is added. Cinnamon is called as dalchini in Hindi, taj in Gujarati, dalchini in Marathi, lavanga pattai in Tamil, lavanga patta in Kannada and dalchina chakka in Telugu. Organic cinnamon powder has a stronger flavour in comparison to cinammon sticks and is used to make tasty dishes like pies, cakes and other sweet and savoury dishes.

Did you know

Organic cinnamon contains anti-inflammatory properties, supports natural production of insulin, provide relief from indigestion, common cold, poor blood circulation and reduces blood sugar and cholesterol. Organic cinnamon is known to treat and heal tooth decay and gum diseases.

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