Cummin – Jeera

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Shandy’s organic cumin seeds are 100% fresh, healthy and tasty. Fresh cumin seeds are extracted naturally without the use of chemicals or pesticides under hygienic conditions. It is called as jeeragam in Tamil, jeera in Hindi, jeela kara in Telugu, jeerige in Kannada, jiru in Gujarati and jira in Marathi. Cummin seeds are used in a variety of dishes like rasam, sambar, sabji, kara kuzhambu, chaat, masalas, etc

Did you know

Cumin contains iron, manganese among other nutrients. Cummin seeds are known to reduce chances of anemia, provide relief from digestive problems, common cold, treat skin disorder, insomnia, morning sickness and control blood pressure. Antiseptic properties of cumin helps fight flu by boosting immune system.

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