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Organic Mango in mylapore

If you love mangoes, you may want to head to the  Farmer’s Shandy on Luz Church Road.

You can choose from a big spread of organic and naturally grown Alphonso and Banganapalle mangoes that are free from chemical based pesticides and fertilizers. The Shandy is promoted by P. B. Murali & Hari Sethuraman.

Murali is an organic farmer. He grows mangos in his 60 acre farmland at Punnamai village located between East Coast Road and GST road.

He says each year he harvests about 40 to 50 tonnes (nearly 1 lakh fruits) of organic Alphonso and Banganapalle mangoes. The fruits harvested in their farm are washed in warm water to destroy eggs of flies that might be present on the skin of the fruit. They are dried, packed and sent to various retail customers, restaurants and organic food stores.

Murali says he has been selling the fruit at The Shandy for the past 5 years. They are currently sold at Rs.90 per kilo.

Farmer’s Shandy is located at 77/177, Luz Church Road, Mylapore.

Murali can be reached at 93806 91203 or e-mail:

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