Kuthiravali Boiled (Barnyard Millet)

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Shandy’s organic barnyard millet is 100% naturally grown and is free from pesticides and chemical fertilizers. Barnyard millet is called as sama/ sanwa ke chawal in hindi, samo/ mariyo in gujarati, bhagar/ varai in marathi, kudhiraivali in tamil, odalu in telugu and oodhalu in kannada. Barnyard millet is used in the preparation of nutritious dishes like upma, idly, kuzhipaniyaram, dosa, kozhukattai etc

Did you know

Barnyard millet is 6 times more of fibre than wheat, making it ideal for weight loss. Organic barnyard millet is rich in phosphorus and calcium which strengthens the bones. Organic barnyard millet also has good levels of antioxidants and daily intake helps prevent cardiovascular ailments. Organic barnyard millet is gluten-free, fat-free.

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