Panivaragu (Proso Millet)

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Shandy’s organic Proso millet is 100% naturally grown and is free from pesticides and chemical fertilizers. Proso millet is called as panivaragu in Tamil, chena in hindi, variga in Telugu and baragu in Kannada. Proso millet is used in the preparation of healthy dishes like idly, upma, adai, pongal, dosa, kichidi etc

Did you know

Proso Millet is rich in proteins, contains many minerals such as magnesium, manganese, phosphorus etc. and has low glcemic index which makes it ideal for controlling blood sugar level. Organic Proso Millet is helpful for post-menopausal women, prevents high blood pressure and provides adequate nutrients for daily functioning.Regular intake lowers the chances of heart disease. It is gluten-free, fat-free.

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