Thenai Boiled (Foxtail Millet)

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Shandy’s organic thenai is 100% naturally grown and is free from pesticides and chemical fertilizers. Foxtail millet is called as thenai in Tamil,  kangni in Hindi, thene in Kannada, thina in Malayalam, korralu in Telugu and ral kang in Gujarathi. Its other names include italian millet, moha millet kakan kora etc. Organic Thenai is used in the preparation of healthy dishes like pakoda, biriyani, upma, idly, roti, dosa, kheer, pongal etc

Did you know

Organic Foxtail millet is rich in carbohydrates, crude fibre, protein and minerals like iron and copper. Organic Foxtail Millet helps in treating various abdominal diseases. Regular consumption improves stomach health, bladder health, enhance memory, cures muscle weakness. lower blood sugar and cholesterol levels and helps fight diabetes. Organic Foxtail millet is known to slow down Alzheimer's disease. It is also known to cure diarrhea. Lignans present in millets are thought to protect against breast cancer as well as heart diseases. Organic foxtail millet is gluten-free, fat-free.

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