Sorghum Flour

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Shandy’s organic sorghum flour is 100% natural, hygienically manufactured without the use of any chemicals, retaining its nutrients. It is called as Jowar aata in Hindi, cholam maavu in Tamil, jonna pindi in Telugu, jola hittu in Kannada and cholum mavu in Malayalam. Organic sorghum flour is used in making rotis, pancakes, cookies etc

Did you know

Sorghum flour is rich in fibre, protein, magnesium and carbohydrates. Organic Sorghum Flour is a good source of antioxidants, balances blood sugar and helps fight inflammation, heart disease and cancer. Organic Sorghum Flour improves digestion, blood circulation and strengthens the bones. Organic Sorghum flour is said to lower cholesterol and help in weight loss.

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